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CNO Course Schedule

Check this page for course offerings, both at CNO headquarters in Rogers, Arkansas, and at satellite partner locations worldwide. Call: (479) 876-8000 or email: to reserve your spot.


CNO Level 1 with Dr. Nick Yiannios: “A Timed Anterior Guidance Yields a Predictable Occlusion”.

Are you ready to begin actually objectively and reproducibly measuring occlusal and TMD problems within your practice? Aside from teaching DTR therapy and advanced T-Scan/EMG usage, Dr. Nick's version of Level 1 also provides objective insight as to how the TMJ foundations (the orthopedics) directly influence the occlusion, and the attendant implications for occlusal & TMD issues. The CNO 1 course in Rogers stresses the orthopedic relevance for not only DTR theory and practice, but in regards to the other treatment philosophies used in dental medicine. The level 1 Rogers course will demonstrate to the attendee advanced concepts of T-scan, EMG, and Joint Vibration Analysis usage, which will lead them down a path to more predictable and profitable everyday dentistry. An introduction to 3D imaging will be made to the attendees including CBCT and MRI interpretation and usage and how these tools relate to diagnosis and treatment of occlusal and TMD maladies. Studying CNO Foundations (included with your CNO membership) is encouraged prior to attending this lecture. To reserve your spot for this course which will be offered three times at CNO headquarters in Rogers, Arkansas in 2018, contact Ashley at: Limited to 10 attendees per session. The 2018 Level 1 Rogers, Arkansas dates will be: February 23rd-24th, May 4th-5th, and November 2nd-3rd.

CNO Level 3 with Dr. Nick Yiannios, Dr. Mark Piper, Dr. David Hatcher and Dr. Sam Paglianite:  "Neural Occlusion Screening & 3D imaging"

This is the Level 3 course teaching MRI and CBCT interpretation and diagnostic decision making skills as well as how to determine objectively if the patient possesses "stable and adapted joints". Attendees must have passed level 1 and level 2 prerequisite coursework to attend level 3. Contact Ashley at to reserve your spot in 2018. The date for CNO3 will be September 27th-29th. CNO level 3 is limited to maximum 6 doctors/session. The CNO wants to keep this class size small and intimate, as the content is a completely new skill set for most to learn. The principles taught in CNO3 can be applied to vet the efficacy of all approaches used to treat TMD, not just Measured Anterior Guidance & DTR therapy.  This course truly is the missing link in dental medicine!

Starting:  September 27, 2018

Ending:  September 29, 2018


Offsite DTR Training and CNO Level 2

CNO Level 2 DTR Clinical Proficiency IN YOUR PRACTICE with either Dr. Robert Kerstein or Dr. Scott Green.
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Your practice, ANYWHERE

Starting: when you schedule

Ending: at the end of that clinical day