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Understand Dental Occlusion, Lasers, Ozone & PRF. Understand TMJ & TMD. Predictably Improve Dental Treatment Outcomes. Positively Change Lives As An Outlier CNO Doctor. Gain Insurance Independence & Greatly Improve Dental Practice Satisfaction.
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As a CNO-trained health professional, you will be well-suited to identify, diagnose, and predictably address not only common restorative, orthodontic, surgical and implant interventions, but many instances of confounding bite and TMJ pathology issues as well. 

Measured Dental Science Matters

Objective diagnostics must always precede responsible treatment!


What is an "Outlier Dental Professional"?

Dentists should be experts, minimally, at three topics: teeth, gums, and bites.  They generally excel at the first two concepts but fail typically on the last concept; the bite.  TMJ is just anatomy. The TMJs are 2/3 of the human bite. TMD is an umbrella term that involves orthopedic, muscular, neurological, and/or dentally related issues. We believe in objectively measuring bite and “TMJ” problems whenever possible. Many times the TIMING of your bite is out of alignment and that IS the root cause of your “TMJ” problems. What do Lasers, PRF, & Ozone have to do with outlier dentistry?  Think vascularity, blood is life; simple, science based, and effective. These concepts should be used in every single modern dental practice and the CNO curriculum is designed to teach dentists and dental specialists how to integrate all of these concepts into their everyday practice.


Our Primary Purposes: Diagnoses Must Always Precede Responsible & Scientifically Validated Treatments!

To train dental health professionals in objectively measurable and scientifically validated occlusal/bite and TMJ/D diagnostic and treatment solutions.  To train these same professionals in techniques and protocols that lead to superior treatment outcomes in regards to not only bite/occlusal and TMJ/D therapies, but to superior surgical, endodontic, periodontic, cosmetic and implant related treatment outcomes via the mastery of techniques such as Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF), Lasers, and Ozone.

CNO Founder's Letter

Dr. Nick Yiannios – Occlusal, orofacial and TMD pain has long demanded the attention of both medical and dental professionals. Essentially, everything in the human body is connected in some way, shape or form…Continue Reading

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As a CNO-trained health professional, you will be well-suited to identify, diagnose, and predictably address not only common restorative, orthodontic, surgical and implant interventions, but many instances of confounding bite and TMD issues as well. The higher your level, the better suited you will be to consistently diagnose and treat many occlusal and TMD conditions, resulting not only in a more rewarding experience for you and your patients, but also ethical, practical, and ubiquitously needed skill sets which will set your practice apart from the rest!

Practitioners who have passed the various certification levels and who possess an active CNO annual membership will be listed in the CNO “find a doctor” database, used by patients to find a CNO trained practitioner.

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Mastering Outlier Dental Science Leads To

Insurance Independence

Positively Change Lives. Understand Dental Occlusion. Understand TMJ & TMD. Improve Dental Treatment Outcomes. Understand Dental Hard & Soft Tissue Lasers, Medical Grade Ozone Usage, & Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) Usage in Dental Practice. Set Your Practice Well Apart From Your Peers.

How Neural Occlusion Screening Works

Neural Occlusion screening involves the utilization of hi-tech objective technologies, knowledge, and protocols to ascertain whether or not a patient possesses a proper bite and stable and adapted TMJs, and/or if their problem(s) arise from other sources.

What others are saying…

Neural Occlusion Screening (NOS) is revolutionizing TMD diagnosis and treatment, and improving the likliehood of successful dental treatment outcomes! Check out what patients and doctors are saying about it!

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