2020 Center For Neural Occlusion

Scientific Symposium

Measured Matters

For the TMJs & Occlusion

"Get the Bite Right"!

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Measured occlusal science MATTERS! Quantifying the human occlusion from many different aspects. Learn from radiologists, TMJ surgeons, orthodontists, and occlusal-centric general practitioners why the usage of objective digital metrics makes all of the difference in all of our dental practices, everyday, and in every way!

Topics Include

  • Cure Sensitive Teeth
  • Occlusion - Measured
  • Joint-Based Occlusion
  • How Joints Relate to Occlusion, & Vice Versa
  • Diagnosis Before Treatment
  • T-Scan
  • TMJ Orthopedics
  • TMJ Pathology
  • Jaw Tracker/Kinesiology
  • Airway Management
  • Practice Management
  • Hi-Tech Laser Dentistry
  • Digital Metrics
  • TMD
  • Objective Metrics

25 ADA Certified CE Hours

25 ADA-CERP credits awarded after passing a short exam that will be available through the CNO with Passing Grade >70% + paying Big Sky Seminars a $25 fee.  After passing the CNO online exam, contact  www.bigskyseminars.com

Cost: $495.00 per doctor

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Symposium Content

Module 1

Interview with Dr. Mark A. Piper; "What 40 years of TMJ Surgery Has Taught Me About the Occlusion."
TMJ surgeon Dr. Mark A. Piper explains to Dr. Nick Yiannios what 40 years of TMJ surgery has taught him about the occlusion. Amazing insights!!

Module 4

The Usage of Digital Occlusal Technologies In Orthodontic Practice
Orthodontist Dr. Salvador Romero explains how his routine usage of digital metrics has greatly improved efficacy within his orthodontic practice.

Module 7

TMJ Pathology Screening (TPS) Using Objective Diagnostic Metrics
Brazilian oral/maxillofacial radiologist Dr. Marcelo Matos diagnoses & treats TMJ pathology via the usage of novel medical protocols & objective metrics.

Module 10

History & Future of Erbium Lasers in Measured Dental Medicine
Laser guru Dr. Mark Colonna discusses both the history of lasers and the profound impact that the CNO network will have in dentistry.

Module 13

50 Years of TMJ Biometrics in Dentistry
After 50+ years of advancing TMJ & occlusal diagnostics with digital metrics, Biopak creator Mr. John Radke has much to share with dental professionals!

Module 16

Introduction to TMJ Surgery From The Piper Clinic
TMJ Surgeon Brian Shah, DDS, MD reviews the diagnostics used at the renowned Piper Clinic, and an introduction to TMJ pathology diagnostics and TMJ surgical procedures.

Module 19

Continue The Journey With The CNO Curriculum
A visual introduction into the various levels of the CNO curriculum, where measured occlusal science MATTERS! Digital diagnostics in dentistry is the key!

Module 2

Innovation and Financial Preparedness For Dental Professionals From a Practicing Tax Attorney
Tax attorney Nathan Reggish JD works with dentists all the time. Discussed are typical mistakes that he sees them make and how one can easily avoid them.

Module 5

Enhancing Lives Diagnosing & Treating TMJ Pathology
Brazilian oral & maxillofacial radiologist & TMJ specialist Dr. Marcelo Matos describes how essential diagnosing TMJ pathology can be in private practice.

Module 8

Sensitive Teeth & The Occlusion - Measured
Dr. Nick Yiannios explains how the occlusion often causes dental hypersensitivty, diagnosable & treatable via the usage of objective occlusal metrics.  The novel FDH theory which he discovered and published about is discussed in detail.

Module 11

Airway & the TMJs
TMJ surgeon Dr. Ed Zebovitz explains the relationship that the human airway shares with the orthopedic TMJs. Measuring the orthopedic TMJs matter immensely!

Module 14

Neural Occlusion Screening (NOS) Digital Diagnostic Process
A GP & a TMJ surgeon explain the efficacy of the objective occlusal & TMD diagnostic process known as Neural Occlusal Screening using digital metrics.

Module 17

Diagnosing TMJ Pathology & Pain @ The Piper Clinic
A year after joining the Piper Clinic, Oral surgeon Dr. Brian Shah shares his experiences regarding how Dr. Piper's practice has changed his world forever!

Module 3

Measuring the Occlusion Digitally; DTR & Related Occlusal Therapies
Dr. Robert Kerstein explains DTR & related digital occlusal metrics in this CNO webinar. T-Scan, occlusion, EMG, & the TMJs; demystified!

Module 6

Anterior Open Bites Measured Digitally
Tongue thrust & airway are NOT the primary reasons for an anterior open bite. TMJ pathology usually is!   Understand why, with guidance from a practicing Brazilian TMJ specialist who happens to be a radiologist as well.

Module 9

NDYAG Lasers & Photobiomodulation For Orofacial Pain
Dr. Terry Alford explains the indications and efficacy of NDYAG laser usage in dentistry, emphasizing the usage of photobiomodulation in particular.  The Fotona Lightwalker laser is his favorite tool.

Module 12

Screening the TMJs & the occlusion With Joint Vibration Analysis
Engineer John Radke invented Joint Vibration Analysis for in-office TMJ screening. Learn about JVA & related Jaw Tracker tech usage from John himself.

Module 15

Traveling Smile Designer & Cerec CDT Eddie Corrales
Traveling CDT Eddie Corrales discusses digital smile design, CEREC same-day veneer cases, and the future of cosmetic dentistry in this CNO webinar.

Module 18

The Neurophysiological Philosophy of Measured Occlusion
Diagnosing TMJ pathology objectively by South American docs Drs. Jorge Learreta & Marcelo Matos. Measured Matters in Argentina & Brazil as well as globally!

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The CNO purpose is to train dental professionals in TMD and occlusal diagnosis, 3D TMJ MRI and CBCT Imaging, and occlusal science so that they can in turn provide hope and direction for many patients with bite (occlusal) and TMD issues.

Disclaimer: The CNO makes no representation as to the quality or scope of a member's medical or dental practice, or as to how closely the member adheres to the principles and practices taught by the CNO. A patient must use their own best judgement after careful discussion with their health care practitioner about the care that will be provided. When using this directory, I understand that it may not be used as a resource for verifying the licensure or credentials of a listed healthcare provider. The CNO makes no attempt to verify the licensure or credentials of its members.

*The American Dental Association does not recognize a specialty in “TMJ”, and as such, there is no specialized training required to perform or advertise such services.
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