CNO Level 1 – Online Webinar Format

Step 1 For Learning Neural Occlusion Screening; T-Scan, T-Scan/EMG, and Joint Vibration Analysis Training/Objective & Reproducible Occlusal Diagnostics & Treatment In Dentistry


Online CNO1 Course Features

Course Overview

Measured Matters

An introduction to how the joints relate to the occlusion, and how objective metrics can be used to study and potentially improve the occlusion.  The ESSENTIAL, CORE COURSE of the CNO curriculum per testimonials from past attendees, both GPs & specialists alike.  Includes advanced instruction on usage of the T-Scan®, BioEMG®, and JVA, and an introduction to MRI and CBCT imaging technologies.  Faculty: Nick Yiannios DDS, MCNO and John Radke BS, MBA (engineer and Bioresearch technology creator).  FINALLY: a course that objectively measures both the occlusion and the TMJs using digital metrics!

CE Requirements

11 CE Hours (prerecorded online version)

A prerecorded version of CNO1 with GP Dr. Nick Yiannios & engineer, inventor, researcher, and author Mr. John Radke is now available online for streaming on demand, giving attendees a chance to study the didactic portion of CNO1 prior to future live CNO1 attendance.  Although COVID has forfeit live attendance dates until further notice, the CNO1 online course fee can be applied to onsite attendance within 18 months from time of purchase.  The live, in person, Rogers CNO Level 1 course dates will be found under the “Course Schedule” tab by early 2023.  Both versions of CNO1 proffer how to MEASURE the orthopedic TMJs’ role and how they both directly alter the occlusion, how to measure both the occlusion and the muscles of mastication digitally, the innacuracies of traditional occlusal “metrics”, Disclusion Time Reduction therapy training and efficacy, using Joint Vibration Analysis in everyday practice, and an introduction to objective 3D MRI and CBCT imaging of the TMJs.  Think, “Joint-Joint-Teeth”; they are directly interrelated, and they can be readily MEASURED to improve diagnostic and treatment efficacy in dentistry.  There is no better place to learn the research, didactics, and practical usage regarding digital biometrics than the CNO.

What You’ll Learn

Online Didactic/ On-site Didactic & Hands-On

Why a MEASURED, TIMED, and IMMEDIATE anterior guidance development is essential for physiologically efficient muscular activity of the muscles of mastication, and how the orthopedic TMJs are both instrumental in occlusal stability, or lack thereof.  How to predict PROGNOSIS of orthodontics and restorative, predictably and objectively using digital metrics. How to determine when digitally-directed occlusal adjustment therapies such as DTR or MAGD are indicated, and when they are not.  The ultimate training for advanced T-Scan, BioEMG, and Joint Vibration Analysis usage in everyday practice by a practicing and published dentist, and the engineer who created the BioPak technologies himself!

The Online Course is worth 11 ADA CERP credit hours after passing a simple online attendance exam.  A separate  50 question CNO Certification exam is available that provides entry to the CNO “Find A Doctor” Database listing (*with paid annual membership and passing the above exam with a score of 80%+). 

Required Reading: Chapters 1-7 & 10 are required reading for CNO Certification & to pass the certification exam. Use coupon code CNOHOR at IGI checkout for a CNO student DISCOUNT!

Learn From Home Or Learn With Us In Person

Online Webinar vs. Onsite Lecture & Hands-On Training

The CNO Level 1 Online Webinar provides all of the CNO Level 1 didactics, whilst the CNO Level 1 live onsite lecture provides both the didactics as well as hands-on training relating to the various technologies with both Dr. Nick Yiannios and Mr. John Radke.  Doctors are encouraged to take the online version at home, followed by the live onsite version for twice the didactic exposure.  Fees for the online version can be applied to the onsite version within 18 months’ time of online purchase date.

Course Learning Objectives:

  • An introduction as to how TMJ anatomy and pathology relates to changes in the occlusion
  • Digitally measuring the occlusion, muscles of mastication, & TMJs for everyday dental practice
  • What dental occlusion really is, and how to measure and control treatment outcomes
  • Advanced usage of the T-Scan, BioEMG, and JVA technologies to accomplish DTR or MAGD occlusal adjustment therapies
  • When and WHY’ occlusal adjustment therapies are indicated, and when they are NOT
  • The distinction between TMJ and TMD defined
  • The principles of splintless TMD therapy
  • Disproving the psychosocial TMD theories, objectively and scientifically
  • How the static bite is less important than the dynamic bite in regards to a Measured Anterior Guidance Development
  • Dental hypersensitivity and its occlusal implications in everyday dental practice; an introduction to FDH theory
  • Understanding the Piper Classification of the TMJs in practical terms
  • The importance of stable and adapted TMJ’s for DTR therapy
  • The pitfalls of traditional occlusal indicators such as bite/articulating ribbon, shimstock and waxes, straight from the scientific literature
  • Chairside CEREC CAD/CAM usage to precisely perpetuate additive occlusal changes
  • Live DTR patient treatment
  • Why TMJ MRIs and CBCTs are critical for definitive occlusal diagnostics
  • CNO1 prepares the attendee for the CNO fellowship tract (FCNO)

The Online webinar purchase cost can be credited towards the attendance of a CNO Level 1 onsite lecture within two (2) years of purchase. 




Dr. Nick Yiannios is a private practitioner, author, researcher and founder of the Center for Neural Occlusion. He is a contributing author in the Handbook of Research on Computerized Occlusal Analysis Applications in Dental Medicine and is credited with identifying the phenomenon known as Frictional Dental Hypersensitivity for dental medicine. He has published multiple times regarding the usage of T-Scan® digital occlusal analysis, EMG interpretation, MRI & CBCT TMJ imaging, dental hypersensitivity, and computer-guided occlusal adjustment procedures in several other textbooks and journals.

Mr John Radke has over 50 years of expertise in the TMJ/D & occlusion realm. John is the creator of the BioPak® software, Bio-EMG, JVA, digital Mastication Analysis and Jaw Tracking technologies. His engineering expertise provides a unique perspective for CNO1 attendees, and he is an invaluable resource for those learning the myriad intricacies of using these various technologies in practice. John is also the managing editor of “Advanced Dental Technologies & Techniques”, an online scholarly open journal.


Center for Neural Occlusion Curriculum Benefits  


CNO Fellowship Tract

CNO1 is the first step.  After passing the attendance exam and completing the evaluation, a secondary mastery test is required for initiating the FCNO certification process.


Insurance Independence

Quantifying occlusal science helps Dentists become true occlusal experts, and many patients are willing to pay extra for your unique expertise, especially when others in your region cannot resolve their issues for them.


Understand TMJs role

CNO Level 1 curriculum ties in the orthopedic TMJs’ role re directly altering both the static and dynamic occlusion.  CNO1 also readies the attendee for advanced 3D MRI and CBCT imaging training in CNO Level 3.



After passing the various CNO certification exam processes and maintaining your CNO membership listing in the CNO “find-a-doc” database listing, discriminating patients in your region will find your practice for many of their occlusal-centric dental needs.


What Patients Say

“Before the computerized bite alignment, my mouth was telling my brain that things weren’t right, but I didn’t know what to do about it. Several months after having gone through the treatment, I have nothing bad to say about it! If things keep going the way they are, I’m going to be a very happy person! The things that I’ve done w/ this disability… imagine what I’m going to do without it! I’m going to take over!” His case study:

Taner A Patient

Istanbul, Turkey

“Nobody in my area, not one dentist, could get my bite right. Every time I had dental work done, the bite was shifting all over to the point that I had teeth banging from my front teeth to my back teeth. Jaw pain, headaches in the back of my head, neck and shoulder pain; all of that has improved since getting my bite balanced to the way it was supposed to be!” Her case study:

Darleen A Patient

Michigan, USA 

Mastering Occlusal Science Leads To Insurance Independence

Patients all over the world are actively looking for Dentists who can help alleviate their pain and fix their bite. Measuring Restorative Dentistry.

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