CNO Level 2

Neural Occlusion Sceening (NOS)

Understanding and utilizing the digital metrics used to accomplish the objective occlusal/TMJ screening protocol known as Neural Occlusion Screening.  Advanced Bioresarch Associates Bio-PAK training.


Course Features

CNO2 Purpose

Measured Matters

DTR therapy has been shown repeatedly in the scientific literature to help patients with occlusal dysfunction as long as they possess stable and adapted TMJs.  Digitally-directed occlusal adjustment principles are also a wonderful way to finalize an occlusion following orthodontic and restorative dentistry treatments as well.

Level Requirements

1 on 1 Practical Exam

A CNO instructor travels to the dental practitioner’s office and watches the practitioner perform proper digital occlusal adjustment therapy on at least 3 appropriate patients who would benefit from occlusal changes.  Either Dr. Robert Kerstein DMD or Dr. Scott Green DMD typically travel to a practitioners office to ensure that they have an excellent working knowledge of how to use the T-Scan, BioEMG, and JVA technologies to perform precise and efficacious occlusal adjustments on their own patients.

What You Will Learn

Full Day Training

Hands-on training is offered to the practitioner by the traveling CNO Board member who travels to the practice, as needed, ensuring that by the end of the clinical day, the practitioner is very adept at the implementation of the technologies in both patient diagnosis and treatment.  Most importantly, the practitioner must understand how to objectively determine if a given clinical case is appropriate or inappropriate for occlusal adjustment therapy.

Full Day Training

3-6 Cases

The CNO Level 2 Certification process:

  • 1 on 1 Practical Exam, instructor aids and confirms a practitioners proficiency
  • A CNO instructor travels to the dental practitioner’s office and watches the practitioner perform proper digital occlusal adjustment therapy on at least 3 appropriate patients who would benefit from occlusal changes.
  • The proper selection of the patient by the practitioner is part of the clinical testing process.
  • Proficiency and FCNO Level II certification is presented to the clinician who satisfactorily performs the ICAGD/Measured Anterior Guidance occlusal adjustment protocols to accomplish DTR therapy on 3+ appropriate patients in front of the CNO instructor (after having passed the CNO1 didactic exam).

Patients should aspire to find a CNO level 2 trained and certified dentist before undergoing DTR therapy, since these individuals have been calibrated by the very doctors who brought DTR therapy to the forefront of dental medicine.



 Dr. Robert Kerstein is a world-renowned prosthodontist, educator, researcher and clinical practitioner who is credited with creating Disclusion Time Reduction (DTR) therapy. He lectures nationally and internationally on digital occlusion and comprehensive TMD biometric analysis. He is a former associate clinical professor at Tufts University and has published in excess of 100 papers on topics relating to digital occlusal analysis and TMD diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Kerstein has been a member of the CNO Board of Advisors since the orgs inception in 2015.

Dr. Scott Green is a practicing general dentist and dental educator from Kalispell, MT who practices in a technology-based practice with a focus on laser dentistry and other high-technology tools to generate a proper diagnosis before implementing treatment. Dr. Green routinely uses T-Scan, JVA, EMG, MRI and CBCT to arrive at objective diagnosis prior to the implementation of treatment for bite problems, headaches, and TMD. He lectures nationally and internationally on digital occlusal analysis and comprehensive TMD biometric analysis. Dr. Green has been a CNO Board Member since 2015.


CNO Level 2 Benefits


Hands On Guidance

After completing CNO Level 1, the next step is to have a CNO Instructor arrive on-site to observe practitioner performance with digital occlusal adjustment therapy. 


Insurance Independence

Understanding measured occlusal science concepts enables dental professionals to become experts at the occlusion, leading to improved patient outcomes.  Many patients are happy to work outside of insurance limitations to benefit from this specialized skillset.


Gain Confidence In Capability

CNO Level 2 certifies the practitoner is knowledgable and capable of using the equipment, software, and providing treatment to patients suffering from confounding bite-related conditions. 



Annual membership of $695 and includes directory listing of certified doctors. Patients are actively seeking practitioners who can provide these sort of diagnostic and treatment skillsets.


What Patients Say

“Before the computerized bite alignment, my mouth was telling my brain that things weren’t right, but I didn’t know what to do about it. Several months after having gone through the treatment, I have nothing bad to say about it! If things keep going the way they are, I’m going to be a very happy person! The things that I’ve done w/ this disability… imagine what I’m going to do without it! I’m going to take over!” His case study:

Taner A Patient

Istanbul, Turkey

“Nobody in my area, not one dentist, could get my bite right. Every time I had dental work done, the bite was shifting all over to the point that I had teeth banging from my front teeth to my back teeth. Jaw pain, headaches in the back of my head, neck and shoulder pain; all of that has improved since getting my bite balanced to the way it was supposed to be!” Her case study:

Darleen A Patient

Michigan, USA 

Mastering Occlusal Science Leads To Insurance Independence

Patients all over the world are actively looking for Dentists who can help alleviate their pain and fix their bite. Measuring Restorative Dentistry.

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