CNO Course Schedule

Check this page for course offerings, both at CNO headquarters in Rogers, Arkansas, and at satellite partner locations worldwide. Call: (479) 876-8000 or email: [email protected] to reserve your spot. The order that is suggested (but not required) is CNOF, CNO1, CNO2, CNO3. CNO1 is the one course within the CNO curriculum that literally all past attendees emphatically stress should be taken by all practicing dentists and dental specialists. The CNO Scientific Symposiums are highly recommended and are open to any dental professional looking to become introduced to CNO concepts.


CNO Level 1 with Dr. Nick Yiannios & Engineer Mr. John Radke:

“MEASURING the Occlusion & TMJs; Occlusal Science 501: Get the Bite Right!"

Measured Matters!

Are you ready to do away with articulating ribbon and the completely dogmatic analog philosophies relating to occlusion?  Would you like to predictably diagnose and eliminate confounding occlusal issues within your daily general or specialty practice?  How about learning how to identify and implement the cure for sensitive teeth of bite/occlusal origins?  What about that "CR" thing; what does it really mean?  Most every dental professional that attends CNO1 makes one of the two following statements:  "This should be taught in dental school...", or, "Every dental professional MUST take this course!".   CNO1 provides objective insight as to how the TMJ foundations (the orthopedics) directly influence the occlusion, and the attendant implications for all practicing any and all facets of dentistry.  Measuring growth defects, the interactions between the dentition in space/time, muscular activity & the resultant sequelae, hypersensitivity as it relates the the occlusion, the orthopedics behind the occlusion; these topics, and many, many more are taught in CNO1.  The lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on interactions teach the attendees advanced concepts relating to the usage of measurement tools such as T-scan, Bio-EMG, and Joint Vibration Analysis (JVA), which will lead them down a path to provide more predictable and profitable everyday dentistry. An introduction to 3D TMJ imaging will be made to the attendees to show how these tools relate to the objective diagnosis and treatment of occlusal and TMJ/D maladies. Studying CNO Foundations (included with your CNO membership) is encouraged prior to attending this didactic, demonstrative and hands-on course. To reserve your spot for this course which will be offered two times at CNO headquarters in Rogers, Arkansas in 2020, contact Ashley at: [email protected]. Limited to 12 attendees per session. The 2020 CNO Level 1 course dates in Rogers, Arkansas will be: April 10-11, 2020 and September 25-26, 2020.

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Summer 2020 CNO Annual Scientific Meeting:

"MEASURED MATTERS for the TMJs and the Occlusion"

Due to the world wide Covid-19 pandemic the onsite course in Utah has been cancelled.  There will be a webinar released in the summer of 2020.  Please email Ashley at [email protected] if you would like to be notified when this webinar becomes available.

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Dr. Nick Yiannios, GP

Dr. Mark A. Piper, TMJ Surgeon/Orofacial Pain Specialist

Dr. Edward Zebovitz, TMJ Surgeon

Dr. Marcelo Matos, Oral/Maxillofacial Radiologist

Dr. Salvador Romero, Orthodontist

Dr. Robert Kerstein, Prosthodontist

Dr. Brian Shah, TMJ Surgeon

Dr. Mark Collona, GP & Laser Dentist

Dr. Joel Terry Alford, GP

Mr. John Radke, Engineer

Mr. Nathan Reggish, Tax & Business Attorney

Mr. Eddie Corrales, CDT Specializing in CEREC CAD/CAM

CNO Level 3 with Dr. Nick Yiannios, TMJ Surgeon Dr. Ed Zebovitz, Engineer Mr. John Radke, and Medical Radiologist Dr. Sam Paglianite:

"Neural Occlusion Screening & 3D imaging"

This is the Level 3 course teaching MRI and CBCT interpretation and diagnostic decision-making skills, as well as how to objectively determine if your patient possesses stable and adapted joints (and hence a stable occlusion). CNO3 also concentrates heavily upon autonomic sympathetic inputs and how that subset of the nervous system can wreck havoc with a dental patient in regards to TMD and orofacial pain.  Attendees should have taken level 1 and (and optionally the hands on in-your-practice CNO level 2) prerequisite coursework prior to attending CNO level 3. Contact Ashley at [email protected] to reserve your spot in 2020. The date for CNO3 will be October 22nd-24th, 2020. CNO level 3 is limited to maximum 10 doctors/session. The CNO wants to keep this class size small and intimate, as the content is a completely new skill set for most all to learn. The principles taught in CNO3 can be applied to vet the efficacy of all approaches that alter an occlusion, to include basic operative and crown and bridge, full mouth reconstructions, orthodontic treatments, implants, airway, TMD treatments and more!  This course truly is the missing link in dental medicine!

Webinar Course available.

Starting:  October 22nd, 2020

Ending:  October 24th, 2020

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Offsite Digital Occlusal Analysis One on One Training/CNO Level 2

CNO Level 2 Computerized Occlusal Analysis and Treatment Clinical Proficiency IN YOUR PRACTICE with either Dr. Robert Kerstein or Dr. Scott Green.
For more information: [email protected]

Your practice, ANYWHERE

Starting: when you schedule

Ending: at the end of that clinical day

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The CNO purpose is to train dental professionals in TMD and occlusal diagnosis, 3D TMJ MRI and CBCT Imaging, and occlusal science so that they can in turn provide hope and direction for many patients with bite (occlusal) and TMD issues.

Disclaimer: The CNO makes no representation as to the quality or scope of a member's medical or dental practice, or as to how closely the member adheres to the principles and practices taught by the CNO. A patient must use their own best judgement after careful discussion with their health care practitioner about the care that will be provided. When using this directory, I understand that it may not be used as a resource for verifying the licensure or credentials of a listed healthcare provider. The CNO makes no attempt to verify the licensure or credentials of its members.

*The American Dental Association does not recognize a specialty in “TMJ”, and as such, there is no specialized training required to perform or advertise such services.
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