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DDS Lase1 Fall 2023 Date to be Announced

October 7 - October 8


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DDSLase1 2023 Restorative & Surgical Hard Tissue Laser Excellence in Dental Practice

The CNO is once again offering a unique and practical dental continuing education course for GPs and Specialists alike. Designed for Lightwalker® owners who have already attended the Fotona PHAST introductory Lightwalker laser training, DDSLase1 is quite simply next level Lightwalker® training. Though the phenomenal Fotona Lightwalker® dual wavelength laser is a tool with literally hundreds of applications in dental practice, most practitioners have barely begun to tap into mastering the usage of this combination erbium/neodynium laser. DDSLase 1 focuses on the erbium/ERYAG side of the laser, regarding practical usage of the 2940 nm wavelength. Private Practitioner, CNO Board Member and laser dentistry expert Dr. Mark Colonna has been involved in the laser arena since the late 1990s, and is the co-discoverer of the novel Photon- Induced-Photoacoustic-Streaming (PIPS) phenomenon, used frequently to greatly improve both endodontic and surgical treatments. Dr. Mark has been instrumental over the past two decades with erbium laser design, training, and usage in a plethora of dental applications, from the simple to the complex. CNO Founder Dr. Nick Yiannios has been using not one, but two Lightwalker® units for well over 3 years in his solo private general practice, and has marveled at how his ever-evolving mastery of this technology has greatly expanded his repertoire of services offered, setting him apart from his peers . In 2021, Dr. Mark and Dr. Nick decided to build a practical nuts and bolts laser curriculum exploring practical and everyday Lightwalker® laser usage in everyday dental practice. The first course, DDSLase1 will focus primarily on hard tissue operative, prosthodontic, and surgical applications with a smattering of NDYAG applications to compliment these applications. The concurrent use of CEREC technology and the Lightwalker will also be covered in DDSLASE1 as they compliment each other greatly.  The second course, DDSLase2, will concentrate primarily on endodontic applications (right up the PIPS alley from the researcher and discoverer of the PIPS phenomenon himself). The third course in the DDSLase curriculum, DDSLase3, will focus on periodontal applications of the Lightwalker®. DDSLase1, another CNO level demonstrating the practical usage of cutting edge tools for the advancement of dental practice. 


What You Will Learn in DDSLase1


  • Evidence-based education and practical usage of the Lightwalker® in general and surgical dental practice
  • Erbium 2940 nm wavelength usage in operative class 1-6
  • CEREC + Lightwalker; the many advantages of combining the two technologies
  • Mastering anesthetic-free cavity preps using erbium
  • The how’s and whys of preparing enamel, dentin, cementum, cortical and cancellous bone using the 2940 wavelength
  • Troughing around crown and implant margins for everyday dentistry
  • Ceramic crown and veneer removal using the erbium wavelength
  • PIPS theory and practical usage in endodontic and surgical practice; an introduction
  • Distinguishing and diagnosing hypersensitive teeth (CDH vs DH vs FDH)
  • Dental desensitization via ERYAG, NDYAG, ozone, and fluoride usage
  • Dental desensitization via the tracking of the occlusion via novel, reproducible, and objective digital occlusal analysis usage
  • Tipless vs. tipped erbium usage, indications
  • How to properly select erbium tips for the H14 for a myriad of applications
  • Maintenance of laser handpieces and when and how to refurbish H14 laser tips in your practice
  • Prepping crowns using the erbium wavelength
  • Prepping crown and veneers for enhanced bonding
  • Removing old composite fillings and even amalgams at times without anesthetic usage
  • MASTERING laser physics and applying that knowledge to everyday erbium usage on the fly
  • Using NDYAG to biostimulate after routine restorative, endodontic, and surgical treatments
  • Taking the “bite” out of dental care; making the patient remember how you stopped the soreness following dental work when no one else has ever done so
  • Combining laser usage with medical grade ozone and prf; an introduction
  • Basics of digital occlusal analysis and TM Joint vibration analysis; an introduction to objective occlusal principles for superior restorative outcomes

16 credit hours of AGD PACE Subject code 130 8 hours of didactic, 8 hours of which is dedicated to hands-on laser practice


October 7
October 8


Center for Neural Occlusion