What is Neural Occlusion?

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Neural Occlusion Screening (NOS) is an objective protocol using numerous computerized measurement tools to help your doctor decide upon proper diagnoses regarding your bite and/or TMD problems. Particularly, NOS typically allows the practitioner to objectively diagnose both the orthopedics and the occlusion in a measured and objective manner using tools such as MRI, CBCT, T-Scan occlusal analysis, Bio-EMG, Jaw Tracker, and Joint Vibration Analysis. Sometimes, the timing in your dynamic bite movements (which can cause chewing muscles to become hyperactive and painful) are at least partly responsible for your bite and/or TMD problems, which may include headaches, jaw fatigue, trouble chewing, broken and worn teeth, hypersensitive teeth, and other issues within the head and neck region due to potentially overactive chewing muscles.

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