Why do most patients with muscular TMD issues have cold sensitivity with their teeth?

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In 2015, a chapter in a 1st edition dental textbook relating to digital occlusal/bite analysis was published by Dr. Nick Yiannios describing for the first time the measured correlation between sensitive teeth and patients with muscular TMD issues. The pilot study found that statistically all 34 muscular TMD patients were less sensitive after their bite alignment and timing issues were addressed via computer-directed occlusal therapy, one of the core procedures taught by the CNO. Another paper, which was published by Dr. Yiannios in 2017, statistically proved that 100 different patients were found to have a decreased sensitivity response to a 5 second ice water swish after DTR therapy improved their timing and the alignment of their bite. Excessive muscular force against opposing teeth in patients with muscular TMD issues, in time, is causative for many tooth sensitivity issues. CNO trained doctors are taught FDH theory and application as it applies to occlusal (bite) and TMD issues.

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