Why should dentists, physicians, chiropractors, neurologists, naturopaths, physical therapists, nurse practitioners, physicians assistants, nurses, dental hygienists, dental students, dental laboratory technicians and other related health care practitioners know about the CNO, Neural Occlusion screening, and DTR therapy?

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The timing within the human dynamic bite and/or the cartilage position and condition within the TMJ’s themselves, if misaligned, can trigger discomfort, readily causing neurological changes that may result in chronically overactive muscles of chewing/mastication due to biomechanical over-compressions of posterior teeth periodontal ligaments within their bony sockets. This can readily lead to headaches and other head and neck issues that medical professionals simply are not aware of, resultant of the painful ischemia (lack of sufficient blood flow) which may develop within the muscles of mastication. Stated a different way, the TIMING within the bite, as well as how, and which teeth collide against one another, in the functional movements, coupled with the objectively confirmed status of the TMJ “hinges” and the influence that these joints have upon the bite, can readily cause the chewing and related muscles in the head and neck to overwork and hurt chronically. Additionally, unmeasured dental restorative care and/or unmeasured orthodontic movements may readily cause these issues by altering the timing and alignment of the dynamic bite, with similar sequelae. Improperly fitting dental work may not be as benign a problem as most health care professionals think! Most dentists and other medical practitioners are simply not aware of these facts and the supporting research, yet! Bottom line for all involved, a very significant percentage of the chronic tension type headaches and other typical TMD related pains that doctors and patients face all over the world are potentially related to the timing within the human dynamic bite. The CNO seeks to empower all health care practitioners with the knowledge that the timing of the dynamic human bite (which can be measured digitally and objectively in 3/1000 second increments) should be placed within the differential diagnoses of chronic headaches and other seemingly mysterious chronic “TMJ”, orofacial, head, and neck pains.

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