CNO 5 2021 – PRF Lasers & Ozone Online Course


The CNO is bringing a true world expert in platelet rich fibrin (PRF) research and application, researcher, author, and periodontist Dr. Rick Miron to our CNO5 Online Course.  He will discuss PRF theory, research, and application in regards to all things surgery, from bone and soft tissue grafting to implants to facial aesthetics, to TM Joint injections.  OMS Dr. Ed Zebovitz will lecture on his broad experience with PRP usage in TMJ surgery.  Dr. Mark Colonna will discuss ERYAG lasers and everyday application in dental practice.  Dr. Terry Alford will discuss NDYAG laser usage in dentistry, surgery, and facial aesthetics.  A guest lecturer, Dr. Mark Malterud, will present on ozone theory and usage in dental practice.  Dr. Nick Yiannios will tie all of these topics into CNO-related diagnostic & treatment applications.

21 hours. 16 hours of didactic (8 hours of which is dedicated to PRF theory and practice). 5 hours of clinical displaying actual phlebotomy instruction, centrifugation, ALB-PRF, iPRF, cPRF, sticky bone, facial PRF microneedling, natural filler, facial laser usage, laser settings from both Mark Colonna and Joel Terry Alford



CNO 5 2022- PRF, Lasers, Ozone and Zirconia Implants-Online


CNO 5 2022 contains sections on the latest and greatest regarding “holistic” zirconia implant usage.  Additionally, several hours are dedicated to the usage of iPRF and ozone to inject/treat symptomatic temporomandibular joints, both from a didactic perspective and during a large portion of the recorded clinical sessions, where several patients were injected during the 2022 course with iPRF generated from their own blood, followed by ozone.

16.5 hours of pre-recorded lecture.



What You Will Learn


  • Evidence-based education on Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF)
  • Contrasting & Comparing platelet-rich plasma vs platelet-rich fibrin
  • Periodontal applications of PRF and the value behind concentrated growth factor usage
  • Facial aesthetics usage & PRF
  • Bone grafting & PRF; sticky bone
  • Advantages of implant placement with concurrent PRF usage
  • Indications for PRF membranes & sinus lifts


  • History of laser usage in dentistry
  • ERYAG & NDYAG usage in dental practice with the Fotona Lightwalker Dual Wavelength Laser
  • Laser usage in facial aesthetics
  • Nightlase dual-wavelength usage for snoring; indications and contraindications
  • Smoothlase facelifts
  • Erbium PIPS/SWEEPS effectiveness & usage for root canal therapy & extractions
  • NDYAG usage for photobiomodulation in dentistry


  • Research behind medical grade ozone usage in dental practice
  • Indications and clinical usage of ozone in dental practice
  • Effectiveness of ozone usage in endodontic therapy & surgery
  • Cavitations and ozone usage


Internet access and computer are required to access this course. This course is compatible with Mac and Windows.