Scientific Symposium


Measured Matters For the TMJs & Occlusion “Get the Bite Right”!


25 AGD CE Hours

25 AGD PACE credits awarded after passing a short exam that will be available through the CNO with Passing Grade >70%


Measured occlusal science MATTERS! Quantifying the human occlusion from many different aspects. Learn from radiologists, TMJ surgeons, orthodontists, and occlusal-centric general practitioners why the usage of objective digital metrics makes all of the difference in all of our dental practices, everyday, and in every way!

Topics Include

  • Cure Sensitive Teeth
  • Occlusion - Measured
  • Joint-Based Occlusion
  • How Joints Relate to Occlusion, & Vice Versa
  • Diagnosis Before Treatment
  • T-Scan
  • TMJ Orthopedics
  • TMJ Pathology
  • Jaw Tracker/Kinesiology
  • Airway Management
  • Practice Management
  • Hi-Tech Laser Dentistry
  • Digital Metrics
  • TMD
  • Objective Metrics