Tomas Molina Hernandez DMD
Canary Islands, Spain

I became aware of Dr. Nick Yiannios and the Center for Neural Occlusion online and quite by chance while researching different solutions that might be able to help me address my chronic bruxism problems. For me, it was personal. My 30 years of professional practice and intimate interaction with a myriad of dental and medical colleagues had not provided me with a viable explanation, let alone any sort of potential resolution for my condition. After researching the CNO online, I made the decision to travel from Spain to CNO headquarters in Rogers, Arkansas to attend CNO1, the first course in the curriculum. I was rewarded beyond my expectations, as this new knowledge base made sense to me and changed my practice more so than any other educational opportunity that I had ever previously engaged in! The novel information that I gleaned in CNO1 prompted me to return in the fall of 2019 to attend CNO3, the Neural Occlusions Screening and TMJ 3D imaging course. Both of these courses were game-changers for my practice, and for understanding my bruxism problem! Sadly, the pandemic eliminated my plans to attend CNO4, but I will return for that advanced level once normalcy returns. Today, I cannot imagine practicing without the novel principles that I was introduced to via the CNO. I would like to thank Dr. Yiannios, his family, his staff, and all of the CNO-affiliated teachers and colleagues who have shared these tremendous experiences with me, as I have rediscovered my passion for my profession! I find that I actually look forward to going to work again because of the exciting changes that the CNO diagnostic and treatment protocols have afforded me. Measured MOST CERTAINLY Matters!