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 Course Overview

LASERS Matter!

The dual wavelength Fotona Lightwalker® Nd:YAG/Er:YAG laser has captured market share in dentistry over the past decade, and for good reason!  The erbium and neodynium wavelengths are perfect for dentistry.  Created for practitioners who want to become power users of the Lightwalker, DDSLase is designed to elevate ones proficiency after having taken the Fotona PHAST introductory training course.  Concentrating primarily on everyday intraoral usage, this course will propel students who feel perhaps, 10-15% adept with their Lightwalker proficiency, to the 50-60% level!  DDSLase is the newest addition to the CNO curriculum. Designed for both generalists and specialists alike, the goal of DDSLase is to get a user off of the Lightwalker laser presets, and to learn to “play” their laser technology like a virtuoso would his or her instrument.  DDSLase is designed for anyone interested in advancing within the growing field of laser dentistry. DDSLase is a must for any Fotona Lightwalker Laser user, or for any neophyte interested in bringing the Lightwalker into their practice.

Faculty:  Mark Colonna, DDS  & Nick Yiannios, DDS

AGD-PACE Continuing Dental Education

14 C.E. Hours (Prerecorded online version for streaming)

A prerecorded version of DDSLase with Dr. Mark Colonna and Dr. Nick Yiannios is now available on this website for online streaming on demand.  As with all streaming course options from the CNO, the CNO website tracks both the students’ progress and answers to the C.E. questions over passing time, allowing the student to log back in and pick back up exactly where one left off in between sessions.  The CNO is an Academy of General Dentistry – Pace continuing education provider.  Once an attendee has finished the automated attendance exam, the CNO is automatically contacted, and as long as an 80% or greater grade is received, a C.E. certificate is sent via email to the attendee within a weeks’ time. 

AGD PACE C.E. online streaming attendance exam:

For approximately every 10 minutes of lecture, a question is generated and presented to the online attendee at the end of every section.

What You Will Learn

Online Didactic / On-site Didactic and Hands-on

DDSLase was designed by Drs. Colonna and Yiannios to take Lightwalker users off of the presets, and to allow them to fully understand and incorporate Er:YAG & Nd:YAG principles for adept daily usage in everyday practice .  The pilot course of DDSLase which is offered for streaming was recorded in February of 2022, and covers the following disciplines in dentistry:







-PRF & Ozone therapy as they relate to lasers

– practical digital occlusal analysis principles in everyday practice

Learn from home, or learn with us in person:

The DDSLase Online Webinar provides all of the didactics and most of the clinical presentation given by Drs. Mark Colonna and Dr. Nick Yiannios during the pilot course given in February, 2022.  The course is based upon both salient literature references as well as the personal experience of these two power users of the Lightwalker technology. Future live DDSLase lectures are planned which will provide live and interactive didactic and hands-on training relating to the various wavelengths. Doctors are encouraged to take the online version at home, followed by the live onsite version for twice the didactic exposure.  Fees for the online version of DDSLase can be applied to the onsite version within 18 months’ time of the online purchase date.


Course Learning Objectives for DDSLase:


  • Mastering usage of the two wavelengths for various hard and soft tissue intraoral applications
  • Mastering anesthesia-free cavity preps with key information relating to how one must handle the 2940nm erbium wavelength to ensure that this critical skillset becomes a consistent reality in everyday practice
  • Mastering the practical physics that must be understood to take the user off of the Lightwalker presets
  • Accomplishing class I – VI operative procedures with the erbium wavelength
  • Laser crown preps; how to
  • Gingival troughing: how to using both the erbium and neodynium wavelengths
  • Understanding which wavelength is best to use when accomplishing laser periodontal therapy, and why, as well as ozone and platelet rich fibrin usage as an adjunct to state-of-the-art laser periodontal therapy
  • Laser hemostasis
  • Fibrin clot formation; when, how and why
  • Pediatric dental applications of the erbium wavelength
  • The supreme importance of magnification for excellent laser dentistry
  • Using the erbium wavelength to greatly increase endodontic efficacy, the various tips and solutions used, and much, much more (a great amount of time is spent on laser-assisted endodontic therapy)
  • Selecting which wavelengths to use to properly perform laser-assisted oral surgery and implantology procedures
  • Understanding the why, the when, and the how of practical photobiomodulation in everyday practice following a myriad of typical intraoral procedures to greatly mitigate post-operative discomfort
  • Mastering handpiece, window, and mirror maintenance for longevity, efficiency, and reduced cost for the practice
  • Introducing the student to the history of laser usage in dentistry
  • Giving the attendee an appreciation for the various wavelengths available for both dentistry and medicine, and how to automatically distinguish the proper wavelength for a given purpose
  • Making the attendee fully appreciate the purpose of every square inch of the Lightwalker user interface
  • Pulse durations; why this is likely the single most important user adjustable parameter for both wavelengths
  • Showing the importance of water and air settings for laser dentistry
  • Lasers as a complimentary technology for CEREC CAD/CAM usage
  • Explaining the importance of digitally-assisted occlusal analysis regarding perio, endo, and dental hypersensitivity applications and as a compliment to laser desensitization
  • Cosmetic dentistry applications of the Lightwalker laser, along with specific and helpful adjunctive pearls
  • Predictable, quick, and efficient porcelain veneer & crown removal using the erbium wavelength of the Lightwalker laser
  • Understanding H14 tip selection and usage for your particular practice applications: sizes, shapes, length, composition, etc.
  • Dozens of recorded clinical examples of everyday Lightwalker usage from frenectomies, to endo, to surgery, to operative, to biostimulation…etc. etc.
  • Allowing the student to understand the whys, whens, and hows of treating both the snoring & OSA applications of both the Nd:YAG and Er:YAG arms of the Lightwalker
  • Using the Lightwalker laser to easily attract cash paying patients, and to gain dental insurance independence

DDSLase allows the student to truly become a laser dentist, instead of simply a dentist with a laser!



Dr. Mark Colonna a is a private practitioner, researcher, lecturer, and laser trainer who has been deeply involved in laser technologies since 1998.  He is co-credited with discovering the PIPS (Photon Induced Photoacoustic Streaming) phenomenon using the erbium wavelength. Mark has for years been instrumental in laser tip design, laser beta testing, training activities, and research.

Dr. Nick Yiannios is the CNO Founder, a private practitioner, researcher, lecturer, and author who practices in Rogers, Arkansas.  He has been involved in laser dentistry since 2007. He has been a power-user of two Lightwalker units in his insurance-independent solo practice since 2018, and is a huge proponent of laser dentistry.


DDSLase Benefits



An adept Lightwalker user does not need presets.  Once the basic and learnable principles outlined in DDSLase are mastered, a user will rarely if ever refer to the presets with either wavelength!


Insurance Independence

Understanding the benefits of laser dentistry enables dental professionals to vastly improve patient outcomes.  Many patients are happy to work outside of insurance limitations to benefit from this specialized skillset.



Instead of a dentist with a laser!  It is NOT that hard to master the Lightwalker!  All one needs is the proper guidance.  DDSLase will deliver just that!


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What Patients Say

“Before the computerized bite alignment, my mouth was telling my brain that things weren’t right, but I didn’t know what to do about it. Several months after having gone through the treatment, I have nothing bad to say about it! If things keep going the way they are, I’m going to be a very happy person! The things that I’ve done w/ this disability… imagine what I’m going to do without it! I’m going to take over!” His case study:

Taner A Patient

Istanbul, Turkey

“Nobody in my area, not one dentist, could get my bite right. Every time I had dental work done, the bite was shifting all over to the point that I had teeth banging from my front teeth to my back teeth. Jaw pain, headaches in the back of my head, neck and shoulder pain; all of that has improved since getting my bite balanced to the way it was supposed to be!” Her case study:

Darleen A Patient

Michigan, USA 

Mastering Occlusal Science Leads To Insurance Independence

Patients all over the world are actively looking for Dentists who can provide laser dentistry. Measuring Restorative Dentistry.

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