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CNO Level 3 with Dr. Nick Yiannios, TMJ Surgeon Dr. Ed Zebovitz, Engineer Mr. John Radke, and Medical Radiologist Dr. Sam Paglianite: “Neural Occlusion Screening & 3D imaging”

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This is the Level 3 course teaching MRI and CBCT interpretation and diagnostic decision-making skills, as well as how to objectively determine if your patient possesses stable and adapted joints (and hence a stable occlusion). CNO3 also concentrates heavily upon autonomic sympathetic inputs and how that subset of the nervous system can wreck havoc with […]


CNO Level 1 with Dr. Nick Yiannios & Engineer Mr. John Radke: “MEASURING the Occlusion & TMJs; Occlusal Science 501: Get the Bite Right!” Measured Matters!

CNO headquarters

Are you ready to do away with articulating ribbon and the completely dogmatic analog philosophies relating to occlusion?  Would you like to predictably diagnose and eliminate confounding occlusal issues within your daily general or specialty practice?  How about learning how to identify and implement the cure for sensitive teeth of bite/occlusal origins?  What about that […]