CNO Level 4 – Online Webinar Format

A very deep dive into TMJ pathology, CNO4 is quite literally entitled, “TMJ Pathology Screening”, aka TPS. How and why the bilateral condition of the orthopedic TMJ morphology affects the occlusion, blood work, infectious pathology with the TMJs, nuclear medicine, and much, much more. 


Online Course Features

 Certification Overview

TMJ Pathology Screening

Learn about nuclear medicine, blood screening to diagnose infectious disease processes of the TMJs, hormonal influences upon TMJ pathology, nuclear medicine diagnostics, and advanced digital jaw tracking and mastication analysis techniques which allows doctors to objectively track the kinesiology of the mandible, and how this all may affect the preoperative predictive efficacy of a patients’ comfort and function (or lack thereof). 

CNO Level 4 Options & Faculty

18 CE Hours: online option

Prerecorded, online didactic lecture and interactive filming of BioPak technology usage: 18 CEUs. Completion of Levels 1, 2 and 3 are recommended prerequisites, but not required.  Join Brazilian Oral Radiologist and TMJ specialist Dr. Marcelo Mattos, GP Dr. Nick Yiannios, and BioPak inventor and engineer Mr. John Radke on your journey searching for TMJ pathology answers via researched protocols that are literally not taught anywhere else (other than via streaming of CNO4) on the North American continent. 

Onsite Lecture Coming Soon (likely 2023)! Onsite lecture: 3 days of lecture, observation, and participation in Rogers, AR at CNO headquarters. 24 CE Hours: onsite option 24 CEUs.

What You’ll Learn

Online Webinar/ On-site Lecture

TMJ imaging combined with blood work to objectively diagnose rheumatological and infectious issues of the orthopedic TMJs, giving the operator a plethora of new tools to identify confounding TMJ/D pathology. Thermal imaging and genetic mapping; two more powerful diagnostic tools to add to ones diagnostic skillset. TENS combined with MRI imaging to reverse an avascular necrosis (AVN) of the TMJ(s) in the right instance; it is possible!

Master TMJ Pathology

Online Webinar &/or Lecture Format

The CNO Level 4 Course  provides:

  • Advanced usage of the Biopak, including EMG, Jaw Tracking, Mastication Analysis, and why these tools are extremely useful and essential for diagnosing TMJ/D issues
  • Advanced TMJ MRI and CBCT usage and interpretation
  • General introduction to TMJ Pathology
  • The difference between Normal and Healthy; how this impacts everything we know about diagnosis and treatment in science
  • Why hypoxia is extremely important relative to trigger point causation
  • Why the psychological model of TMD is scientifically flawed
  • Learreta TMJ Decompression Test, and its usefulness in diagnosing TMJ pathology
  • The pathogens that may infect the orthopedic TMJs, and how to diagnose these maladies
  • Relevance of genetic mapping in TMJ/D diagnosis
  • Nutritional importance for TMJ health
  • Objective orofacial pain diagnostic protocols using reproducible digital metrics
  • Temporal Tendinitis; genesis and treatment
  • The brain stem and its relevance to TMJ pathology and diagnosis
  • Advanced TMJ orthopedic diagnostics
  • Nuclear medicine and its role in TMJ/D diagnosis
  • TMJ neurovascularity
  • Advanced TMJ growth and development
  • How and why the bilateral condition of the orthopedic TMJ morphology directly affects the occlusion
  • Selecting appropriate cases for TENS usage and adaptive orthopedic remodeling
  • Hands-on usage and interpretation of Jaw Tracker, EMG, and thermal imaging
  • Sympathetic inputs and TMJ Pathology
  • Optimized Biopak configuration and training
  • Predicting the efficacy of treatment after TMJ Pathology Screening (TPS)
  • Fundamentals of neurophysiology and bio-mechanics of the TMJ and its impact on occlusion and facial orthopedics
  • The importance of mastication in dentistry and how to precisely track the kinesiology behind it and what it means for the patient

The Online webinar purchase will be credited towards the attendance of a CNO Level 4 onsite lecture within two (2) years of purchase.

Internet access and computer are required to access this course. This course is compatible with Mac and Windows



Dr. Marcelo Matos is both an Oral & Maxillofacial Radiologist and a TMJ Pathology Specialist who practices in Brazil. Though primarily a private practitioner, Dr. Matos has published numerous times and has lectured both nationally and internationally. He possesses expertise in the usage of TMJ MRI, CBCT, BioEMG, T-Scan, JVA, Jaw Tracking, Nuclear Medicine, blood assays, Bio-TENS, and many other technologies. He has been a Board Member of the CNO since 2016.

Dr. Nick Yiannios is a private practitioner, author, researcher and founder of the Center for Neural Occlusion. He is a contributing author in the Handbook of Research on Computerized Occlusal Analysis Applications in Dental Medicine and is credited with identifying the phenomenon known as Frictional Dental Hypersensitivity for dental medicine. He has published multiple times regarding the usage of T-Scan® digital occlusal analysis, EMG interpretation, MRI & CBCT TMJ imaging, dental hypersensitivity, and computer-guided occlusal adjustment procedures in several other textbooks and journals.

Dr. Sam Paglianite is a Board Certified Medical Radiologist who possesses over 3 decades of experience interpreting MRI and CBCT scans.

Mr. John Radke has over 50 years of expertise in the TMJ/D & occlusion realm. John is the creator of the BioPak® software, Bio-EMG, JVA, digital Mastication Analysis, and Jaw Tracking technologies. His engineering expertise provides a unique perspective for CNO1 attendees, and he is an invaluable resource for those learning the myriad intricacies of using these various technologies in practice. John is also the managing editor of “Advanced Dental Technologies & Techniques”, an online scholarly open journal.


Center for Neural Occlusion Curriculum Benefits  


20 Online CE Hours

After passing the attendance exam and completing the evaluation. A secondary mastery test is required for certification and admittance to the CNO Doctors Database. 


Measured Occlusal Science

Mastering occlusal diagnostic science is a unique skillset that patients are more than willing to pay for and this skill set aids you in standing out from your competition. 


Hands-on Bio-Pak Application

CNO Level 4 curriculum will advance the hands-on usage and interpretation of Jaw Tracker, EMG, and thermal imaging. Advanced usage of the Biopak, including EMG, Jaw Tracking, Mastication Analysis, and why these tools are extremely useful and essential for diagnosing TMJ/D issues



Annual membership of $695 and includes a directory listing in our CNO “Find a Doc” database and creates efficacy for all restorative dental treatment. 


What Patients Say

“Before the computerized bite alignment, my mouth was telling my brain that things weren’t right, but I didn’t know what to do about it. Several months after having gone through the treatment, I have nothing bad to say about it! If things keep going the way they are, I’m going to be a very happy person! The things that I’ve done w/ this disability… imagine what I’m going to do without it! I’m going to take over!” His case study:

Taner A Patient

Istanbul, Turkey

“Nobody in my area, not one dentist, could get my bite right. Every time I had dental work done, the bite was shifting all over to the point that I had teeth banging from my front teeth to my back teeth. Jaw pain, headaches in the back of my head, neck and shoulder pain; all of that has improved since getting my bite balanced to the way it was supposed to be!” Her case study:

Darleen A Patient

Michigan, USA 

Mastering Occlusal Science Leads To Insurance Independence

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