CNO Level 4 – Lecture or Webinar Format


TPS – TMJ Pathology Screening

A deeper dive into TMJ pathology, CNO4 is quite literally entitled, “TMJ Pathology Screening”, aka TPS. Advanced digital jaw tracking and mastication analysis are taught, allowing the attendees how to objectively track the kinesiology of the mandible, and how that affects preoperative predictive efficacy of a patients’ comfort and function (or lack thereof). TMJ imaging combined with blood work to objectively diagnose rheumatological and infectious issues of the orthopedic TMJs, giving the operator a plethora of new tools to identify confounding TMJ/D pathology. Thermal imaging and genetic mapping; two more powerful diagnostic tools to add to ones diagnostic skillset. TENS combined with MRI imaging to reverse an avascular necrosis (AVN) of the TMJ(s) in the right instance; it is possible!

A current annual membership fee of $695 allows for Level 4 Certification listing once the practitioner passes the level 4 written examination.

* The cost of the online webinar will be credited towards attendance of a CNO Level 4 onsite lecture, within one year of purchase*

*  1 year of CNO’s private Facebook forum with the purchase of webinar  *

24 AGD PACE CE Hours

24 CE credits awarded after passing a short attendance exam that will be available through the CNO with Passing Grade >70%
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Level Requirements

  • Completion of Levels 1, 2 and 3 are strongly recommended, but not required.
  • Completion of 3 days of lecture, observation, and participation at CNO HQ in Rogers, Arkansas.
  • The attendee should be familiar with reading TMJ MRI and CBCT scans prior to attendance of TMJ Pathology Screening/CNO4
  • a 200 question written multiple choice online examination/$400 exam fee/80% to pass/must be taken within 12 months of CNO level 4 attendance.
  • online format may be used for pre-study, but attendance in person for the hands-on experience are required prior to taking the CNO4 exam to become listed as CNO4 on the CNO "find a doc" database


Topics Include

  • Advanced usage of the Biopak, including EMG, Jaw Tracking, Mastication Analysis, and why these tools are extremely useful and essential for diagnosing TMJ/D issues
  • Advanced TMJ MRI and CBCT usage and interpretation
  • General introduction to TMJ Pathology
  • The difference between Normal and Healthy; how this impacts everything we know about diagnosis and treatment in science
  • Why hypoxia is extremely important relative to trigger point causation
  • Why the psychological model of TMD is scientifically flawed
  • Learreta TMJ Decompression Test, and its usefulness in diagnosing TMJ pathology
  • The pathogens that may infect the orthopedic TMJs, and how to diagnose this malady
  • Relevance of genetic mapping in TMJ/D diagnosis
  • Nutritional importance for TMJ health
  • Objective orofacial pain diagnostic protocols using reproducible digital metrics
  • Temporal Tendinitis; genesis and treatment
  • The brain stem and its relevance to TMJ pathology and diagnosis
  • Advanced TMJ orthopedic diagnostics
  • Nuclear medicine and its role in TMJ/D diagnosis
  • TMJ neurovascularity
  • Advanced TMJ growth and development
  • How and why the bilateral condition of the orthopedic TMJ morphology affects the occlusion
  • Selecting appropriate cases for TENS usage and adaptive orthopedic remodeling
  • Hands-on usage and interpretation of Jaw Tracker, EMG, and thermal imaging
  • Sympathetic inputs and TMJ Pathology
  • Optimized Biopak configuration
  • Predicting the efficacy of treatment after TMJ Pathology Screening (TPS)
  • Fundamentals of neurophysiology and bio-mechanics of the TMJ and its impact on occlusion and facial orthopedics
  • The importance of mastication in dentistry and how to precisely track the kinesiology behind it

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