What is a T-Scan®?

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The T-Scan® (Tekscan Inc., Boston, MA, USA) is a painless computerized tool with a bite sensor that the patient bites into. It measures how forceful the top and bottom teeth collide together in 3/1000 second increments, both in normal closure, and as the teeth move around in sideways motions. Just to be clear, for DTR and MAGD therapy, T-Scan usage is most helpful in regards to measurements of the sideways movements, not the normal straight down clench/bite. T-Scan sensors measure force and timing between the teeth very accurately (95% per the scientific literature (Koos,, 2010)), and the software provides a permanent record within the patients chart so that their treatments can be tracked and archived over the years. No other computerized bite technology presently exists that can measure, record, and guide a knowledgeable operator in regards to force per unit time in the occlusion/bite; most certainly not the analog ink ribbon bite paper! The T-Scan is a required tool for DTR and MAGD therapy.

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