CNO Level 2-Fellowship (FCNO)


Learning Neural Occlusion Screening/Advanced BioPak Training; EMG, Jaw Tracking, Digital Mastication Analysis, Velocity Tracings, Heart Rate Variability

CNO2 Purpose
CNO2 concentrates on the BioPak technologies, as well as the relevant literature:
– EMG of various iterations, including Learreta Decompression, Resting, Clench
-Jaw Tracking (JT) to objectively and reproducibly record the kinesiology of the mandibular movements
-Digital Mastication Analysis (DMA) to put numbers to the function of the masticatory system, in meaningful ways
-Velocity Tracings (VT) to track the timing of the mandible
-Range of Motion (ROM) analysis using JT for an objective and reproducible recording of the patients mandibular movements
-Heart Rate Variability (HRV) analysis to record the cardiovascular implications of stress on the patients adaptability and general health; essentially putting numbers to sympathetic inputs

Level Requirements
Ideally the attendee will have attended a live CNO1 course to learn about the T-Scan, T-Scan/EMG, and Joint Vibration (JVA) analysis. Alternatively, the online version of CNO1 will be acceptable.

Continuing Education
CNO2 is worth 16 AGD credits.

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What You Will Learn

  • 2 FULL DAYS OF TRAININGDr. Yiannios and Mr. Radke will both walk you through the didactic knowledge base to understand, utilize, and interpret the listed technologies, as well as teach the attendees how to use the gear on patients, practically, in Dr. Yiannios’ state-of-the-art dental practice.  Approximately 2/3 of the time is spent on the didactic and 1/3 of the time on the practical, hands-on application of these technologies.  Mr. Radke is the engineer who created the BioPak EMG, JT, DMA, and VT techs; there is no better course in existence to learn this material. 


    Dr. Nick Yiannios is a private practitioner, author ,lecturer, researcher and founder of the Center for Neural Occlusion. He is a contributing author in the Handbook of Research on Computerized Occlusal Analysis Applications in Dental Medicine and is credited with identifying the phenomenon known as Frictional Dental Hypersensitivity for dental medicine. He has published multiple times regarding the usage of T-Scan® digital occlusal analysis, EMG interpretation, MRI & CBCT TMJ imaging, dental hypersensitivity, sympathetic inputs in dentistry, and computer-guided occlusal adjustment procedures in several textbooks and journals.


    Mr John Radke has over 50 years of expertise in the TMJ/D & occlusion realm. John is the creator of the BioPak® software, Bio-EMG, JVA, digital Mastication Analysis and Jaw Tracking technologies. His engineering expertise provides a unique perspective for CNO1and CNO2 attendees, and he is an invaluable resource for those learning the myriad intricacies of using these various technologies in practice. John is also the managing editor of “Advanced Dental Technologies & Techniques”, an online scholarly open journal.


    CNO2 Level Benefits


    Hands On Guidance

    -After completing CNO2, the practitioner will be prepared to move along to CNO3, TMJ Imaging, where he/she will learn to order, read and interpret TMJ CBCT and MRI, and what it means for patient care


    Insurance Independence

    -Understanding measured occlusal science concepts enables dental practitioners to become experts at the occlusion, leading to improved patient outcomes.  Many patients readily work outside of insurance limitations to benefit from this unique skillset.


    Gain Confidence

    -CNO2 introduces the practitioner to a whole new set of useful, objective and reproducible occlusal diagnostic technologies, the BioPak and HRV.  Remember the CNO mantra: “Objective diagnostics must always precede responsible treatment.”


    Become A Master Diagnostician

    -When you can put a number to an event, that is quite simply called a fact.  When you cannot put a number to an event, that is called an opinion. Neural Occlusion Screening protocols and equipment will allow you to accomplish feats that others in your community quite simply cannot, setting you apart from your peers.

Listing within the CNO database requires that the doctor be current with CNO annual membership.