CNO Level 2-Fellowship (FCNO)


A practical clinical performance examination leading to DTR certification for dental practitioners who wish to demonstrate clinical proficiency to the CNO regarding DTR therapy on appropriate patients.

Clinical Application of ICAGD and DTR

Full day option: 3-6 cases, $6,750.00 +airfare and hotel.

DTR therapy has been shown repeatedly in the scientific literature to help TMD patients with stable and adapted joints most every time and is typically a wonderful way to set up an occlusion relative to orthodontic and restorative dentistry treatment. Patients should aspire to find a CNO level 2 trained and certified dentist before undergoing DTR therapy since these individuals have been calibrated by the very doctors who brought DTR therapy to the forefront of dental medicine.

An annual membership fee of $695 allows for Level 2 Certification listing once the practitioner passes both the level 1 didactic exam (through the CNO) and the level 2 clinical proficiency practical exam conducted by Dr. Robert Kerstein or Dr. Scott Green (or another certified level 2+ CNO doctor who is an active member of the CNO Board of Advisors).

Testimonials for level 2 training:

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What You Will Learn

  • The proper selection of the patient by the practitioner is part of the clinical testing process.
  • Proper operation of the biometric tools and software used to accomplish DTR therapy as demonstrated to the CNO instructor (T-Scan, EMG, JVA).
  • Proficiency and FCNO Level II certification is presented to the clinician who satisfactorily performs the ICAGD/Measured Anterior Guidance occlusal adjustment protocols to accomplish DTR therapy on 3+ appropriate patients in front of the CNO instructor (after having passed the CNO1 didactic exam).

Level Requirements

  • 1 on 1 Practical Exam
  • A CNO instructor travels to the dental practitioner’s office and watches the practitioner perform proper digital occlusal adjustment therapy on at least 3 appropriate patients who would benefit from occlusal changes.

The dental practitioner must have direct access and be familiar with the usage of the following three pieces of equipment and associated software:

  • T-Scan (Tekscan Inc., Boston, MA, USA)
  • BioEMG III (Bioresearch Associates, Deer Borne, WI, USA)
  • Joint Vibration Analysis/JVA (Bioresearch Associates, Deer Borne, WI, USA)

Listing within the CNO database requires that the doctor be current with CNO annual membership.