Joel Terry Alford DDS

You are only given the absolute basics in Dental school. The established so called experts never seem to step out of their old school mentality and they continue to teach the same old stuff with non scientific approaches. . In school we are not taught how to read or understand MRI's or cone beams. We are not taught proper occlusal analysis. We are not taught the Neuroanatomy of the Orofacial complex. We are not taught proper diagnosis especially as it relates to the TMJ's. Most of the young doctors that I meet just out of school have no idea of the technology and the education you need to be an effective and informed dentist. We should have the knowledge of Joint Based occlusion. We should have the ability to diagnosis the classifications of the diseased joint. We should be able to understand when to treat or rwhen to efer our patients who present with occlusal disharmonies, CRPS type 1, cervical dysplasia issues, avascular necrosis, achrondrosis and more and more. If you don't know or understand the previous terms then you are one of those that need the education. You should never stop learning as a dentist. The CNO is the place to receive this education. Not just the didactics, not just the diagnosis but the ability to truly understand the meaning of being a "dentist" and the ability to correctly inform your patient as to their problems rather than guess and to effectively treat your patients with these maladies. I've been with the CNO for several years now and I can attest that I am a much better dentist than I was when I first joined. Its not an easy road to gain this information. It's a commitment that is so worth it that it is impossible to put a value on what you gain. And it's even harder to find the right "teaching Camp" that can convey the complexity of this information correctly. The CNO is it. We say it often "the more I know, the more I realize I don't know". I will never stop learning.